Mexicaanse zilveren juwelen en hun barokinspiratie

Mexican silver jewelry and their baroque inspiration

Anyone who has read our first blog knows that at Ameyali we have a jewelry collection that is completely dedicated to the Mexican Baroque. Although the Mexican Baroque has a lot in common with the Baroque we know in Europe, there are also some important differences. In this blog you will learn everything about this beautiful art and architecture style and its influence on the silversmiths of Taxco.

The Mexican Baroque: a melting pot of Spanish religion and Arabic influences

It's impossible to talk about Mexican Baroque without a little history lesson. This impressive style has its origins in 18th century Spain and was then introduced to New Spain (Nueva España), now Mexico. Once arrived in Mexico, the Spanish Baroque style was mixed with elements of the indigenous culture and thus the Mexican Baroque was born, also called Churrigueresque or Churriguerism - after the Spanish churrigueresco. But let us certainly not forget the Arab influences that we owe to the Moorish presence in Spain at the time.

If you would like to see the Mexican Baroque with your own eyes, you should definitely visit the Cathedral of Mexico City (Catedral Metropolitana) or take a trip to colonial cities such as San Miguel de Allende, Mérida, Morelia, Zacatecas and… Taxco of course!

Ameyali goes bohemian baroque

At Ameyali we love multiculturalism, so creating a collection with silver jewelry inspired by Mexican baroque was a real no-brainer. We describe our Barroco collection as bohemian baroque, one by one romantic boho jewelry with the perfect dose of Mexican theatricality. In concrete terms, our collection is characterized by the following techniques:

Marquesita: this technique dates back to the Italian Renaissance, but is still just as popular. They are graceful, timeless jewels that testify to incredibly detailed craftsmanship.

Marquesita ring

Relicarios: Relicarios have their origins in the Middle Ages and became popular again during the Victorian era. They are beautiful little silver boxes in which you can keep your smallest secrets and your dearest memories. It is our favorite jewel from the collection, precisely because it has so much meaning. It is the perfect jewel to pass on from mother to daughter - or from father to son.

Relicario pendant
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Acabado oxidado: Oxidized silver is a special technique used to give silver an aged look. This silver technique is a specialty of our silversmith Señor Miguel and his brothers. What charms us so much is that this technique ensures that every jewel is unique. In all the years we have been working with them, we have never seen 2 identical pieces of jewelry.

Acabado oxidado ring

Filigree and gemstones: In our Barroco collection you can also find silver jewelry made using the filigree technique and jewelry with beautiful gemstones. In short, something for everyone!

Filigree earrings
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