Het verhaal achter Ameyali

The story behind Ameyali

Meet Ameyali, the love child of Fany and Jimmy. In our first blog we take you through time and tell you the unique story of Ameyali, a brand of authentic silver jewelry full of Mexican magic.

Taxco, the silver capital of Mexico

It was always destined that Fany would devote her life to silver. She was born in Taxco (Guerrero), one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities in Mexico. Taxco is a colonial town with a rich mining history, which has focused on mining, processing and selling artisanal silver since 1930. Taxco and silver are inextricably linked, for the residents this precious metal is the symbol of their identity. More than that, it is their lifeline: the majority of taxqueños live from the silver trade and associated tourism.

Silver memories

In 1988, Fany was born into a family of silversmiths. All her memories are laced with silver. The familiar sound of the hammer working the silver in the workshops, selling silver to tourists from an early age with the other village children and the lively stories of her grandmother... So it is logical that silver is an important part of Fany's DNA, it creates an unbreakable bond with her culture, her family and friends. Something she only fully realized at university, where she devoted her thesis to silver as a symbol of Mexican identity.

Love in times of international adventures

But how does silver jewelry from Mexico end up in Belgium? Very simply, through love. Many years ago, Jimmy decided to temporarily leave Brussels to study Spanish in… Taxco. The rest of the story reads like a love novel: boy meets girl, but both are busy with their studies. Until Fany decides to travel through Europe and visit Jimmy in Brussels. From that moment on they are inseparable and decide to get married and discover the world together, ay el amor . After a few years of living together in Mexico, the lure of chocolate, fries and beer proves to be too strong and the love birds move to Brussels.

Ameyali brings Mexico to Belgium

Once in Belgium, Fany and Jimmy dream about introducing Belgians to Taxco's authentic silver jewelry. Thanks to Fany's sales experience and good eye and Jimmy's Flemish determination, Ameyali soon sees the light of day. Thanks to their jewelry collection, they give Belgium a taste of Mexico's authentic silver art. They work together with Taxco's best silversmiths, each with their own style and technique, who make each piece of jewelry by hand.

“Ameyali literally means source in Nahuatl - the language of the Aztecs. Ameyali is a constant source of inspiration for us.”

A lesson in Mexican history

Ameyali tells the history of Mexico through 4 unique collections: Cultura, Barroco, Pasión and Moderno. The “ Cultura ” collection is inspired by the pre-Columbian culture of the Aztecs, the Mayans and other indigenous peoples of Mexico. The second collection “ Barroco ” symbolizes the arrival of the Spanish in America, and with them the new European and Arabic influences that result in highly crafted silver jewelry with striking accents. The “ Pasión ” collection represents the origins of Mexican identity and is a perfect synthesis of indigenous culture and nature on the one hand, and important cultural symbols and authentic techniques such as filigree on the other. And last but not least, the “ Moderno ” collection is an ode to the modern woman who loves elegant, quality jewelry.

Unique jewelry for every woman

At Ameyali every woman will find a jewel that suits her. From the modern woman who loves subtlety to the artistic woman with a passion for culture and history: the Ameyali woman is always looking for quality and authenticity.

Silver jewelry with sentimental value

Fany herself has fallen in love with the “Pasión” collection, one by one authentic jewels that represent the cultural heritage of Mexico. From unique eye-catchers and intrinsic filigree to sagrado corazón jewelry that Frida Kahlo herself would be jealous of, “Pasión” is pure Mexican magic.

Cultural heritage to cherish

Thanks to Ameyali, Fany can continue her family's life's work and honor the cultural identity of her community. She takes her job as ambassador very seriously and tells a different story about Mexico with every silver ring, bracelet, necklace and earring. But through Ameyali, Fany especially wants to connect people all over the world: from her Belgian customers who love unique silver jewelry to the creative geniuses of her own city who she offers job security. Ameyali provides little happiness to cherish forever.
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